Ready to take your business to a new level?

Starting and running a small business is amazing.

Honestly, is there any better feeling than watching your customer enjoy something you created, knowing that you made a difference?

You and your business are an irreplaceable part of the community, and what you do is vital to others.

But you might have a secret: You are worn out!

As a small business owner you are pushed and pulled in so many different directions.

You don’t have the time -- or the energy -- to create the kind of thought-provoking, revenue-generating marketing that you desperately need.

Work with Me

Work with Me

Tired of doing every little thing, including writing your own copy? It’s time to have somebody who can help — telling the world to buy from you! Small businesses with well written websites and materials create more profits. Why? Because great

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My Work Process

How will we work together? It all starts with me doing detailed research to find out more about your message, your ideal customers, and your story so you can Connect with your ideal customer. Then I dig into SEO strategies



Hi, I’m Liz, a small business copywriter. Small businesses have always been near and dear to my heart. My parents were both entrepreneurs — my father had a farm irrigation business and when he “retired” it was to operate a


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